The New Twentys harness the liberating feeling of being young and bottle that bittersweet aftertaste of summers gone by.

Rising out of the ashes of former bands, brothers, Harry and Jimmy Morris met fellow muso Chris Bourne through the cracks of the London music scene.

As the conversational lyrics unravelled it was clear that everyone was on the same page, coming to terms with both industry and life frustration. Inspired by the same classic UK punk / new wave bands that came before them - The New Twentys were born in the summer of 2020.

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The Music

With a punk-informed emphasis on independent artistry; The New Twentys have spent the last year and a half developing and self-producing the project. The band have split their creative time between their own home studios and a beach house in Cornwall, where they created music that feels completely authentic and true to the 3 members - “its 100% in house and entirely independent.”

With their first release to drop mid-November, The New Twentys are set to leave their mark on the new decade!

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